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Terms and Conditions of Business


"Assignment" refers to an assignment booked with Tthe interpreter to provide the Services as detailed in the Confirmation

"Assignment Date(s)" means the date(s) when you provide the Services and which is/are detailed on the Confirmation 

"Assignment Duration" means the duration of the assignment detailed in the Confirmation

"Confirmation"􏰉Refers to the agreement created through an email (or multiple emails) 

"Fee" means the fee payable to you for the Services as specified in the Confirmation or original quote

"Interpreter"  refers the person(s) performing the act of interpreting. In these terms and conditions all references to 'Interpreter' refer specifically to Rachel Wilkins.

'NRCPD' Refers to the 'National Registers of Communication Professionals working with Deaf and Deafblind people' - the regulatory body for interpreters and translators.

"Recording" refers to the process of storing sounds or moving pictures using electronic equipment so that they can be heard or seen later, this can include but is not limited to: digital recordings, live recordings, ​screen recordings at a later date. 

"Remote"- refers to working remotely, a situation in which  the interpreter works in a location seperate from the client, usually from home and communicates by email, Video conferencing, telephone or messaging.

"Services" refers to the BSL interpretation services outlined in the Confirmation to be provided to the Client unless stated otherwise




  1. Services Provided

1.1 The services provided by the Interpreter shall comprise of the interpreting services agreed in writing at the time when the assignment is accepted and/or those specified in these Terms and Conditions of Business.

1.2 They shall not, without express agreement confirmed in writing at the time, include any additional services.


     2. Contracts

2.1 All assignments shall be confirmed by a written contract between the Client and the Interpreter

2.2 If commissioned for an assignment and there is no time to enter into a written contract, the assignment shall be entered into on the basis of an oral contract only and these Terms and Conditions shall be deemed to apply.


     3. Fees and Allowances

3.1 All fees and allowances should be paid in full no later than 28 days following receipt of the invoice.

3.2 If the invoice is not paid within the time specified above, then a late payment surcharge shall automatically be applied of either £40 or 10% of the total amount, in accordance with the Late Payment of Commercial Interest Act 1998.

3.3 Fees shall be charged at an hourly rate (minimum 2hrs) where the interpreter has been invited to continue for a further period in extension of the initial contract, a supplementary fee shall be paid at the agreed hourly rate.

3.4 A supplementary fee for working unsociable hours may be charged.  This is to be negotiated and agreed between the Client and Interpreter in advance, for assignments between the hours of 19.00 and 08.00 or at weekends or public holidays.


    4. Cancellation

4.1 The cancellation fee shall be determined in relation to the time between notification of cancellation and the start date of the assignment as follows: if the interpreter receives seven days or less notice the client should expect to pay full fee. If the interpreter receives eight to fourteen days notice the client should expect to pay half fee, if the interpreter receives fifteen or more days notice no cancelation fee will apply.

4.2 Cancellation fees will only be applied of the interpreter is unable to obtain another booking at this time.



   5.  Unavoidable Circumstances

5.1 The Interpreter undertakes to notify the Client at the earliest possible opportunity if she/he is prevented from undertaking an assignment.

5.2 Should the Interpreter be unable to meet her/his agreed obligations, she/he will make every effort to find a suitable replacement.



   6. Co-working

6.1 Where an assignment requires continuous interpreting for any period of more than two hours, a team of a minimum of two Interpreters must be engaged to provide the interpreting service.
6.2 As an exception to the above, one Interpreter alone may be responsible for all the interpreting services in the assignment if this is explicitly accepted by the Interpreter

   7. Working Online

7.1 Recording the interpretation

7.1a On the acceptance of this booking the interpreter does not give permission to be recorded, permission must be sought. Should this agreement be broken and a recording be required in the booking the interpreter has the right to withdraw and the company is liable to pay the interpreters cancellation fees.

7.1b Recordings of the interpretation remain intellectual property of the Interpreters

7.1c The Interpreter does not give permission for the recording of any Interpretation to be used, this must be explicitly requested.

7.1d Recording or anywork may incur an additional charge



Interpretations provided live are often unrehearsed.

The Interpreter(s) may or may not have had material in advance for preparation.

Inaccuries related to the content of the material may be due to imperfections in the interpreting process.

Interpretations are not reviewed.


I follow NUBSLI Fee guidance, this can be foud here

Full Day: £270-£300*

Half Day: £135-150*

*The fee may take into account for specialist work, which required an interpreter with expertise and/or a substantial amount of preparation, such as: mental health, legal, child protection, performance, television and conference

Evenings, weekends and public holidays will usually be charged at time and a half.

Please note two interpreters may be required depending on the duration and/or intensity of the work involved. Due to the physical and mental demands of interpreting, Interpreters will discuss this with you at the time of booking. Teams of 3 or more may be called for in specialist settings, such as Crown Court.

Cancellation charges

0 – 7 days prior to date of assignment: 100% of agreed fee

8 – 14 days prior to date of assignment: 50% of agreed fee

Travel and accommodation expenses

Travel expenses will be paid to cover travel to and from the assignment, and for any travel required as part of the booking. This will be charged at £0.45 per mile for travel by car, or at standard fare rate for public transport.

Interpreters reserve the right to charge for travel time.

Terms of payment

Payment to be made in full within 30 days of receipt of invoice. After 30 days, charges will be applied as per Late Payment Legislation.


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