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Landmark case for BSL Access

Last week a landmark ruling went against music promotors 'LHG Live' and ruled in favour of

three deaf women who had brought the case against the promoters for failing to provide proper access to a little Mix gig that the women were attending with their daughters.

The three mothers won the legal case and set a precedent for promotors in providing interpreters.

Sally Reynolds, Sarah Cassandro and Victoria Nelson attended the gig in West Sussex in 2017, they requested a British Sign Language interpreter so they could also access and enjoy the music but the promotors offered carer tickets instead, stating that they should bring their own interpreter. Ms Reynolds applied for a court injunction to force the promoter to provide a BSL interpreter. An interpreter was eventually agreed to for the Little Mix show itself but not for any of the warm up acts.

LHG Live (which has since changed its name to Live in the UK) threatened the families with costs liabilities of over £100,000.00 to scare them away from legal action.

District Judge Ian Avent delivered a lenghty ruling on the 16th September 2021.

He said: “A considerably greater concern was the fact that Live appeared to have given no thought whatsoever to the possibility of deaf people attending one of their concerts and, therefore, to have given any consideration to what reasonable adjustments might need to be made.”

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